So I've been experimenting with my shiny new posterous blog and liking it so far. One feature that seemed cool was the ability to include a link to a set on flickr, and posterous would convert this to an embedded slide show. I used this feature in this post on cameras. However, I guess this is using the standard flickr slide show which uses Flash, and so it doesn't appear on the iPad (and doesn't have any graceful fallback either). And I want people to be able to read my blog in its full glory on an iPad of course :). I've had a fair hunt around for a non-flash alternative but not found anything. The closest I've found so far is flickrshow, which has basic flickr slideshow functionality in JavaScript but isn't officially released yet, and it isn't really packaged up for easy insertion into a blog. I don't really even need a slideshow, an imbedded photo with a link to the set would be okay. This is what I've fallen back to with my camera post, but that required manual editing of the html that flickr gives you to link to a photo, to make it link to a set instead. Which isn't a huge deal but is a bit of a pain. Maybe I'll have to figure out how to write bookmarklets or something like that to do that link to a set automatically.

So anyway, I'm interested if anyone out there knows of something simple that will imbed a flickr slideshow in a blog without Flash? Or even just an imbedded photo that links to a set, as described here?