I'm talking tonight about cloud computing and geo and have quite a few new thoughts I'll share about the nature of cloud computing and why it's important. One key reason is that you can easily use multiple client devices in common workflows. Here is the collection of devices that I'm currently using (with common data and applications) for my personal and work computing (from bottom):

  • MacBook Pro 13", 8GB RAM, 600GB old fashioned spinning disk, WiFi, wired ethernet port, 1 camera
  • Google Chrome Notebook Cr-48, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD, WiFi, 3G (Verizon), 1 camera
  • MacBook Air 11", 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD, WiFi, 1 camera
  • iPad, 256MB RAM, 64GB SSD, WiFi, 3G (ATT), GPS
  • iPhone 4, 512MB RAM, 32GB SSD, WiFi, 3G (ATT), GPS, 2 cameras