I'm originally from the UK and have lived in Denver, Colorado, for 18 years now. One of the great things about Denver is the range of spectacular scenery you can drive to from here. I very strongly recommend visitors to Denver to try to add a few days at the beginning or end of a trip here if they can fit in the time, to take in some of these sights. I've done a series of blog posts suggesting things to do if you have anywhere from one day to seven days.

Follow the links below for more information on each of these options.

With one day you can take in Rocky Mountain National Park, Mount Evans, or various other places in the mountains west of Denver.

With two to three days you can do several of the one day trips, and/or stay up in the mountains.

With four days you can take in the amazing Yellowstone National Park.

With a week you can do one of the ultimate road trips and drive down to the Grand Canyon, taking in several other spectacular National Parks in Utah along the way.

I have been fortunate to travel the world pretty extensively, and I can honestly say that these trips rank right up there among the best ones that I've done. So especially if you haven't been to this part of the world before, I highly recommend that you try to fit one of these in if you're visiting here!