Every year there is a cricket game in Denver between the local English and Australian contingents, the "Denver Ashes". The Aussies have had the upper hand for a number of years, so we're trying to see if we can recruit a few more decent players for the English team this year. Just as with the real England team, we are quite flexible about accepting anyone with a vague connection to the home country!

This year's game will be on Saturday July 30th at Infinity Park in Glendale, starting at 2pm. Food will be provided by GB Fish and Chips, and there is usually some beer drinking involved! There will be a practice this Saturday, July 16, at 5:30pm at Infinity Park. If you're interested in playing please contact me, peter@ebatty.com, and come along to the practice. And if you're not interested in playing, come along and watch and cheer for England on July 30th!